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You’d like your website to reflect your values, including
reliability, fairness and honesty.

Yet, perhaps some visitors mistake any mistakes on your site for something less sincere?

Oversights like typos are so often associated with online dangers, they can trigger serious misgivings.

But team up with CopyEdit·Click and together we’ll put things right and allay such doubts.

Our aim is to help you preserve your site’s qualities of
authenticity, impact and appeal.

CopyEdit·Click : text repaired & refined

· Copy (NOUN) : the words of an article or advert
· Edit (VERB) : to revise or rectify a document
· Click (VERB) : to become clear & understandable

The internet is your marketplace, so don’t let oversights
undermine your expectation to be taken at face value.

Heroes and villains, bargains and rip‑offs,
all are calling to be heard through the hubbub of cyberspace.

In English, the commonest language of commerce,
it’s regrettably all too easy to ‘get the wrong end of the stick’.

Spelling slip pups, imprudent pun’tuation, grammar garbled and high‑flown ¡Ηγρε!

raise suspicions about scams and& shams.

Concerned about reliability, or worse,
leads are lost when naturally cautious clients click away and look elsewhere.

Could errors threaten to dilute the integrity of your own site?

CopyEdit·Click proposes a simple way to mitigate potential problems.

In partnership, we’ll find and fix issues and add value to your online venture.

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CopyEdit·Click offers expert website analysis to help you
retain the confidence, trust and respect of your readers:

· affordable concise or in‑depth testing

· free ‘try before you buy’ sample summaries

· accessibility · readability · usability

· free mini reports for non-profit groups

· reciprocal ‘quid pro quo’ deals on request

“The good copy‑editor is a rare creature: an intelligent reader and a tactful and sensitive critic; someone who cares enough about perfection of detail to spend time checking small points of consistency … but has the good judgement not to waste time or antagonize the author by making unnecessary changes.”

Judith Butcher, Butcher’s copy‑editing

CopyEdit·Click also offers:

· digital enhancement of photos, audio and& video