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garbled: a phishing email

grammar: an email from a high-profile software company

alarm bells: counterfeit goods from abroad

spelling: a well-known insurance comparison site

English As She Is Spoke: why force the lock if you can just steal the key?

Catch Me If You Can: spoofing with typos

spelling & punctuation: a local council adult education site

high‑flown hyperbole: too good to be true

spelling: an online business webpage

The Call of the Wild: machine‑translated

Great Expectations: even royalty gets it wrong sometimes

‘We was sent an email about unauthorized login from other device’

‘Your account was used to signed in to iCloud on an Microsoft Edge from Mexico’

cut-and-paste: an email from a well-known supermarket

‘The LicenseTV[UK]2019 | Limited Time Offer(1x12)| Application acknowledgement! | Resolve a rejected payment.’